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Swiss Peace Supporter 2/2024

This edition is focusing on international cooperation: what does interoperability mean for the DDPS? An article from the FDFA sheds light on cooperation with Frontex's Fundamental Rights Office with a look at the Greek island of Lesbos. You can also read the expert reports on democracy promotion at the EU's External Action Service in Brussels and find out more about life in Kyiv, which is becoming increasingly difficult day by day.

Swiss Peace Supporter 1/2024

Edition commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Swiss Armed Forces International Command (SWISSINT) in Stans. Thanks to this center, trainings can benefit from synergies between military and civilian peacekeeping. Also in this edition: observation posts in the Western Sahara, pragmatism in multi-ethnic Bosnia and Herzegovina, and struggle against disinformation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Development and Cooperation policy area: Research concept 2025-2028

This Research Concept for the Development and Cooperation policy sector outlines the most important challenges and objectives of Swiss international cooperation as well as the research priorities in regard to development and cooperation.

Foreign Policy Strategy 2024–27

At the beginning of each legislative period, the Federal Council presents a foreign policy strategy which provides the central guidelines for Switzerland's foreign policy for four years and sets out priorities and objectives. It serves as a compass in a volatile world.

Swiss Peace Supporter 4/23

UN peacekeeping missions are confronted with numerous challenges, necessitating a reassessment of the UN's approach to peacekeeping. This process, however, also presents opportunities. Furthermore, a Swiss judge at the Special Criminal Court in the Central African Republic speaks about the effectiveness of this newly established tribunal in combating impunity. Finally, an expert in Addis Ababa shares insights on the advancement of women's rights in Africa.

Event Analysis: 2022 Floods in Swat Valley, Pakistan

After the devastating floods in the Swat Valley in summer 2022, Switzerland proposed a flood analysis to the Pakistani government. The study is intended to provide specialists' insights into future flood hazards. The Swat Valley is prone to serious flooding. Lessons learned from the 2022 floods are important for reconstruction and disaster risk reduction in the densely populated mountain valley. The national and provincial disaster management authorities (NDMA and PDMA) and the National Centre of Excellence in Geology at the University of Peshawar were closely involved in the study. The study contains comprehensive findings and recommendations and forms a good basis for supporting the authorities and international organisations during the valley's reconstruction.

Maritime Strategy 2023-27

Switzerland intends to make a contribution on maritime-related issues and influence future developments. The Maritime Strategy is intended to contribute to the coherence of federal policy in the maritime sector by providing a holistic view of all actors. Switzerland's potential in the maritime environment should be fully exploited in political, economic, social, legal and scientific terms, taking environmental aspects into account.

Swiss Peace Supporter 3/23

"Paz Total" - this is the motto of the Colombian peace process, Switzerland's engagement there and this SPS. A special contribution by the organisation Justice Rapid Response shows how accountability for serious human rights violations can be strengthened. A Swiss expert looks back on his assignment as a tripple nexus advisor to the UN in South Sudan.

Object 1 – 12 of 518

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