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Swiss schools abroad

Swiss schools abroad are non-denominational, not-for-profit, private educational institutions. They provide an education to Swiss standards, guaranteeing a connection with the education systems of Switzerland and the host country. The Swiss schools are overseen pedagogically by sponsor cantons. Pupils attending the schools include Swiss children, children from the host country and children from third countries.

The picture shows a collage with impressions from Swiss schools in other countries. Pictured are the facades of individual schools and children doing various activities.
Impressions from Swiss schools in other countries. (© educationsuisse)

18 Swiss schools around the world

A Swiss school is subsidised by the Swiss Confederation provided it meets the requirements of the Federal Act on the Provision of Swiss Education Abroad (Swiss Schools Act). The Swiss Confederation recognises 18 Swiss schools abroad. The Federal Office of Culture (FOC) is responsible for the promotion and recognition of Swiss schools abroad. The association educationsuisse represents the interests of the Swiss schools with the Swiss authorities. The association also provides information about the range of international schools supported by the federal government.

Information on Swiss schools abroad, FOC (de, fr, it)


Information on the courses of the foreign school networks of other countries can be obtained from the corresponding embassies and consulates general.

Swiss education on the initiative of committed parent groups

The following opportunities are available for offering a Swiss education to the children of Swiss families abroad that are not living near a Swiss school:

  • request for federal funding for a Swiss-trained teacher at a non-Swiss school abroad

  • request for federal funding to conduct courses in Swiss social studies and in the Swiss national languages

  • support in procuring Swiss teaching material

Only a Swiss parents association or a Swiss organisation is eligible to initiate such an action or apply for funding or support. Please address any questions to the Federal Office of Culture.

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