Recall of the Israeli ambassador in Switzerland

Bern, Press releases, 20.04.2009

The FDFA has received confirmation of the recall of the Israeli ambassador to Switzerland. The FDFA deplores the excessive remarks made in this context by various Israeli representatives.

The FDFA has noted the recall of the ambassador of Israel in Switzerland for consultations in connection with the presence of the Iranian president in Geneva.  

The FDFA informed the Israeli authorities in advance of the meeting between the president of the Confederation and the Iranian president. It is therefore surprised by the virulent remarks made by a number of Israeli representatives. The Israeli chargée d’affaires was called to the FDFA.  

The FDFA emphasises that the Swiss-Iranian meeting was held in the margins of the Durban review conference organised by the United Nations in Geneva, of which Switzerland is the host state.  

Switzerland has a mandate to protect the interests of the United States in Iran and is as a result in regular contact with the Iranian authorities. The discussions between president Merz and the Iranian president are to be seen in this context. During the talks, the human rights situation in Iran was criticised. The remarks denying the Holocaust and the right to exist of the State of Israel were clearly condemned.

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