Delegate for Relations with the Swiss Abroad

The Delegate for Relations with the Swiss Abroad is a kind of attorney for the approximately 700,000 Swiss citizens who live abroad. Shie is responsible for the management and development of relations between the federal government and the community of Swiss citizens living abroad. She is therefore involved in shaping and implementing policy on the Swiss Abroad, which ensures an appropriate balance between the interests of the Swiss Abroad and their fellow countrymen and women at home.

She is also responsible for managing legislation projects and parliamentary affairs concerning issues relating to the Swiss Abroad. Her duties include acting as the central contact point for all issues at the federal level relating to the Swiss Abroad. And she has an important role to play in providing information to the community of Swiss abroad. She publishes brochures, etc., providing advice for Swiss nationals living abroad, and is responsible for producing the official content of the Swiss Review, which is published by the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad on behalf of the federal government. This organisation reaches out to all Swiss living abroad and is the Delegate's most important external partner.

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