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Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy 2021–24

This report, which was approved by the Federal Council on 13. January 2021, is a geographical follow-up strategy to the Foreign Policy Strategy 2020–2023 (FPS 20–23). In accordance with objective 6.2 set out in the FPS 20–23, Switzerland has formulated a Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy. The Federal Council has also fulfilled the Gugger Postulate 19.4628 with the report.

Guidebook: Supply chain finance by Development banks and public entities

The objectives of the guidebook are to demonstrate the importance of SCF with regard to the goals of the development banks and other public entities, to discuss the interests of stakeholders and main participants, to provide descriptions of various approaches for SCF initiatives and how they pursue the private-sector involvement, to explain the features of relevant products and how the establishment of adequate enabling frameworks can support the SCF market, and to provide step-by-step guidance on the development and implementation process for an SCF initiative.

FDFA Guidelines on Partnering with Sponsors 2021

The new Guidelines on Partnering with Sponsors condensed into this document offer a binding framework for the FDFA, at the head office in Berne, but also through the network of Swiss representation. They support all FDFA staff entering into partnerships with sponsors.

Digital Foreign Policy Strategy 2021–24

The present report, which was approved by the Federal Council on 4 November 2020, is a thematic follow-up strategy to the Foreign Policy Strategy 2020–23 (FPS 2020–23). At the same time, it serves as a response to postulate 17.3789 of former National Councillor Claude Béglé of 28 September 2017.

The Federal Council’s Anti-Corruption Strategy 2021–24

This strategy for 2021–24 presents a number of goals and the measures to be taken to achieve them. Focusing largely on the Federal Council’s areas of responsibility, it presents measures specifically directed at the Federal Administration. Indirectly, however, it is intended that this strategy will have a wider influence.

Un seul monde 3/2020

How is the fight against poverty progressing? What actions have the various countries taken to achieve the UN's sustainable development objectives? How can rapid and effective action be taken when a crisis breaks out? With Agenda 2030, the collection and analysis of statistical data has also become more important for development cooperation. However, not all countries have effective institutions.

Policy Sector Development and Cooperation: Research Concept 2021–2024

This Research Concept for the Development and Cooperation policy sector outlines the most important challenges and objectives of Swiss international cooperation as well as the research priorities in regard to development and cooperation.

Object 25 – 36 of 547