Bilateral relations Switzerland–Belize

Switzerland's economic and diplomatic relations with Belize are good but moderate in scope.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

Diplomatic and economic exchanges between the two countries are moderate in scope and there is no known investment. Swiss interests are represented by the Swiss embassy in Mexico City and the honorary consul in Belize City.

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Government of Belize

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Economic cooperation

Economic relations between the two countries are also low-key. In 2019, Switzerland imported goods worth around CHF 100,000 and exported goods worth CHF 1.9 million to Belize, mainly pharmaceutical products, watches and works of art.  

Trade promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise SGE

Swiss nationals in Belize

At the end of 2019, there were 33 Swiss nationals living in Belize.

History of bilateral relations

Switzerland recognised Belize when it achieved independence in 1981. The two countries have maintained diplomatic relations since 1988.

The Swiss ambassador accredited to Belize is based in Mexico City. Switzerland has been represented by an honorary consul in Belize City since 1996.

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland, Dodis