European politics

Image of the European flag in front of the Cinquantenaire, Brussels
The European flag in front of the Cinquantenaire, Brussels © European Commission

Switzerland's foreign policy strategy 2020-2023 focuses amongst others on the consolidation and the development of the bilateral path with the European Union (EU). In this context, relations with the EU member states and in particular with Switzerland's neighbouring countries play a key role.

Situated at the heart of the European continent, Switzerland maintains close political, economic and cultural exchanges with the EU and its member states. The FDFA runs the Confederation's Centre of Expertise for Policy on Europe and represents Liechtenstein's interests abroad.

Switzerland’s policy on the European Union

The bilateral agreements form the basis of Swiss cooperation with the EU.

European Union

The European Union and its member states are Switzerland’s most important partners.

Switzerland's contribution to the enlarged EU

Since 2007 Switzerland has contributed to projects designed to reduce the social and economic disparities in the enlarged European Union (EU).

Relations with European countries

The quality of Switzerland's relations with the EU's individual member states, particularly those sharing a border with Switzerland, plays an important role in the context of Switzerland's relations with the EU as a whole.

Principality of Liechtenstein

Switzerland represents the interests of Liechtenstein and its nationals abroad